Our Story

Livingwell Naturals Aromatherapy concept is based on the richness of the ancient Egyptian beauty preparation and healing medicine. Developed in conjunction with our associate partner in Egypt, our aromatherapy oils are derived from plants and farms grown by the Nile River.

Our Philosophy and Mission

Develop the best performing quality products at affordable prices from around the world through strong alliance with local partners.  

From Farm to Finished

No 2 oils are created equal. Ours are harvested from the rich soils of Egypt along River Nile. They are processed using the most tested method passed down from generation to generation that preserves purity and quality.

Our Difference

Fertile Foundation

Livingwell Naturals has the philosophy that ‘you sow what you want to reap’. Our quality standard does not start from the processing phase but at the seeding phase. We ensure that our seeds are of the highest quality and our soil is well prepared to receive them. Using the rich water from River Nile through our irrigation network, we watch our plants grow season after season.

No Chemicals are used

Our farms are chemical free

Fair Trade

We practise fair trade with our farmers to ensure they get what they deserve. No dignity or respect is compromised in our supply chain.