Frequently Asked Questions

Can Livingwell Naturals Oralcare be used on children?

YES. Our range is suitable for children because of its gentle natural ingredients

How often can I use the Livingwell Naturals Mouthwashes?

You can use after each meal daily as it does not contain harsh ingredients.

When is the best time to consume the Livingwell Naturals Superfood?

Best to consume in the morning on empty stomach as your body absorbs it faster and better.

Can my body be over alkaline after consumer Livingwell Naturals Superfood?

NO. Due to the type and amount of processed or non-organic food we eat each day, our body tends toward being more acidic The more acidic your body is, the more prone it is to sickness and diseases.

You need to take in plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as our Livingwell Naturals Superfood to achieve the level of healthy alkalinity.

What are the signs that my body is too acidic?

Some external signs include dark circles under the eyes, dry and scaly skin, brittle nails and weight gain.

Some internal signs include allergy, tiredness, anger, stomach problems and unstable emotions.

When one improves the body’s pH balance, its natural immune systems are able to function effectively to fight off illness and restore optimal health.

Can Livingwell Naturals Baby products be used on newborns?
YES. Our range is suitable for newborns, toddlers, children up to teens because of its gentle natural ingredients.

My baby has dry skin. What would you recommend?
Livingwell Naturals Baby Body Cream - rich moisturising cream that contains 8 aromatherapy oils, 5 extracts and 2 butters to moisturise skin and prevent dryness and chaffing. It can be used for both face and body.

Do your products contain paraben?

NO. All Livingwell Naturals products DO NOT contain the following:


Artificial Colours

Artificial Fragrance

Propylene Glycol



Mineral Oils



Do your products contain alcohol?
NO, Livingwell Naturals products do not contain the common alcohols such as those found in hand sanitisers, which are dehydrating and drying. The alcohol we use is made from vegetable oils such as coconut and palm called Cetearyl Alcohol which is moisturising and not drying.